Florida Fixed Income Trust (“FL-FIT”) is an investment solution designed specifically to fit the needs of Florida’s local governments. FL-FIT offers several pools to match investment horizons with a safe, liquid and effective solution.

Since FL-FIT is an inter-local government agreement, the investment complies with state statutes and nearly all government investment policy requirements. Each pool is diversified and tailored specifically for an investment horizon, thereby allowing participants to choose the appropriate pool in order to meet specific cash flow needs.

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1-DAY SEC YIELDas of 10/17/2019
FL-FIT Preferred Deposit Pool1.90%
FL-FIT Cash Pool2.16%
FL-FIT Enhanced Cash Pool2.33%
7-DAY SEC YIELDas of 10/17/2019
FL-FIT Preferred Deposit Pool1.91%
FL-FIT Cash Pool2.17%
FL-FIT Enhanced Cash Pool2.34%